Like many others in this industry, it’s nearly impossible for me to boil down one particular element of my work.


The boring answer is this: I write album reviews and articles for The 405 in London, UK. I write artist profiles for The American Composers Forum in Saint Paul, MN. You can also find my writing down at Reviler and City Pages, where I highlight local, independent music and culture.

The exciting answer is that I champion quality artists by acting as a mouthpiece for incredible music.

Oh, I also play drums. My band is awesome. Peep us here.

Oh, also also I DJ at the best radio station in the Twin Cities, KFAI. I host a show called New and Like Whatever, which highlights new music and “whatever” it reminds me of. Past and present join forces. Tune in at 90.3 in Minneapolis and 106.7 in Saint Paul.

See? Hard to boil down.